Before-And-After VFX Shots For Suicide Squad Take You Behind The Scenes


If anything, it’s an eye-opening reminder that tentpole movies in the vein of Suicide Squad enlist hundreds of crew members to bring the underlying vision to life. Hoping to cast some light on that painstaking process, Moving Picture Company recently took to Facebook to offer up a range of before and after shots for David Ayer’s divisive blockbuster, and the results are truly brilliant.


Whether it’s Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn falling from the rooftop or the action shot of El Diablo flaunting his abilities, this is Task Force X as we’ve never seen them before, and ardent fans can surely expect plenty of bonus features – deleted scenes included – to arrive alongside the eventual Blu-ray release. Indeed, can we expect the same Ultimate Edition treatment that Warner Bros. rolled out for Batman V Superman?

Currently simmering north of $500 million at the international box office, it’ll be fascinating to see whether those scathing reviews directed at Suicide Squad have much of a bearing on Warner Bros.’ future plans – if at all. Currently, it’s understood the studio has tentatively mapped out a direct sequel coupled with the female-fronted spinoff that places Robbie’s Harley Quinn front and center.

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