Behind The Scenes Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Images Bring The Action

Total Film’s expose of Warner Bros.’ much-anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice continues today, after the outlet debuted its new cover issue adorned with the fabled DC trinity.

Rather than posing for an admittedly badass one-sheet, though, the latest array of images take you behind the scenes of Zack Snyder’s superhero showdown, offering a better perspective on some of the more memorable shots from that Comic-Con trailer.


From the high-res shot of Wonder Woman mid-combat to the money shot of The Caped Crusader and The Last Son of Krypton facing off atop the Batmobile, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on in this new batch of stills. Granted, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before – provided you’re up-to-date on Warner’s appropriately massive marketing campaign, that is – but who are we to pass up the chance to ogle at Dawn of Justice in anticipation of March 25?

These images are just another nugget of information to surface over the past few days, with David S. Goyer weighing in with his own reactions to the early cut of the movie, while Michael Shannon has added more fuel to the fire surrounding his own involvement – or lack thereof – in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Will he really just be a Kryptonian spirit? Or is there much more to Shannon’s role than meets the eye?

All will be revealed – and new questions raised – when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016.