A Beloved Dwayne Johnson Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Dwayne Johnson

A beloved Dwayne Johnson movie is dominating Netflix today. Of course, The Rock’s hit films are often among the most-watched titles on the streaming service, and this week is no different.

2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is currently ranked as the fourth most popular movie on Netflix around the world, as per FlixPatrol’s global chart. Though the Sony reboot isn’t available on the platform in the US, it is in many other territories and is seemingly pulling in a lot of viewers.

If you cast your mind back a few years, you might recall that the internet was up in arms over the idea of a Jumanji reboot, so popular was the 1990s family flick starring the much-missed Robin Williams. When it arrived in theaters in December 2017, however, audiences were taken aback by just how entertaining Welcome to the Jungle turned out to be. In fact, positive word of mouth and strong reviews helped it soar to almost $1 billion at the worldwide box office.


The film put a spin on the original’s idea of a cursed board game and reimagined Jumanji as an old video game instead. When four kids – portrayed by Alex Wolff, Ser’Darius Blain, Madison Iseman and Morgan Turner – start playing, they’re sucked into the exotic, danger-filled jungle and find themselves in the bodies of their chosen characters – Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan. Nick Jonas also has a key role, while Jake – son of Star Wars‘ Lawrence – Kasdan directed.

Two years later, Jumanji: The Next Level followed, with Danny DeVito, Danny Glover and Awkwafina joining the cast. While less innovative, it still received strong reviews and earned almost as much money. Jumanji 3 is definitely in the works to complete the trilogy, too, with all key cast and crew returning once again. What with Dwayne Johnson‘s constantly busy schedule, however, it’s not quite ready to go just yet. But, as the first one trending globally on Netflix proves, audiences are definitely hungry for more.