A Beloved Ryan Reynolds Movie Is Coming To Netflix This Week

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds may be firmly established as one of the biggest movie stars in the business, but his rise to the top of the industry was hardly an overnight occurrence. The actor may have experienced massive success by headlining Fox’s Deadpool franchise, but before that his track record in the comic book genre didn’t make for particularly encouraging reading after starring in the dismal Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern and R.I.P.D.

The 43 year-old is currently on the hottest streak of his career though following the stellar box office performance of his recent projects like The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Detective Pikachu and Hobbs & Shaw, along with the massive viewership numbers that greeted Michael Bay’s 6 Underground when it debuted on Netflix, and now one of the more unsung entries in his filmography is set to arrive on the streaming service later this week.

Released back in 2008 when Reynolds was still trying to establish himself as a genuine Hollywood leading man, Definitely, Maybe turned out to be a minor commercial success after earning over $55 million on a budget of just $7 million, and has since gone on to become a firm favorite among fans of both the romantic comedy genre and Hugh Jackman’s arch-nemesis himself.


The story centers on a political consultant trying to explain to his young daughter why her parents are getting divorced by telling her the story of how they met, but changing the names and facts so that she has to guess which of his former loves turned out to be her mother. Despite the synopsis sounding a little similar to How I Met Your Mother, the script is a lot smarter than that of the average romantic comedy, and it manages to avoid falling into the standard cliches and formula of the genre.

Having definitively moved on from the rom-com stage of his career after not appearing in one for over a decade, fans will soon have the opportunity to see how Reynolds fares while headlining a movie where he’s not relying on his signature quip-happy and sardonic style when Definitely, Maybe hits Netflix on July 1st.