Ben Affleck Is Apparently Hard At Work Training For The Batman


Following along with The Batman has been a stressful saga for fans, what with Ben Affleck dropping out as the director despite numerous claims he would remain at the helm, and his eventual replacement being named as Matt Reeves. Despite that, the movie being released in 2018 is now looking like an impossibility and many remain unconvinced that Affleck will be reprising the role once Justice League has been released and his current commitments to the DC Extended Universe come to an end.

However, a new claim from The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzales points to the actor returning to the gym so he can start getting back into shape for The Batman.

“Ben Affleck, Batman, I just got word that he just started training again for the role. You know how there was talk that he was gonna leave and he might leave the role? Nah, bro. He’s working out. He’s getting back in shape.”

You only need to look at Affleck to see that he’s someone who keeps in shape, so the fact he’s been hitting the gym isn’t exactly groundbreaking news or the scoop of a century. However, if he really is there preparing specifically for The Batman, then that clearly confirms that he does indeed intend on still starring in the movie. Admittedly, it seems unlikely that he’d depart at this point, especially with things moving along much more smoothly now, but like we said above, some fans are still skeptical.

With The Batman potentially on track to be released in 2019, we’ll hopefully hear more about the project once Matt Reeves finishes War for the Planet of the Apes. Until then, let us know in the comments section what you’d like to see from the character’s upcoming solo outing.

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