Ben Affleck Rumored To Have “Complete Creative Control” Over New Batman Movie


Zack Synder won’t be anywhere near the upcoming solo Batman movie according to a new Heroic Insider podcast. In the show, it’s mentioned that rumors are pointing to Ben Affleck and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns getting “complete creative control” over the project.

That doesn’t clearly state that Synder won’t have anything to do with the movie, but the podcast – hosted by Hollywood producer Daniel Alter – continued to mention that Johns will really be on as a “consultant.” So it seems that, by and large, this will be Affleck’s movie to make, hopefully exceeding the somewhat divisive response of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Previously, WB confirmed that Affleck will indeed return in his own Batman movie, which he’ll also write and direct. No specific release date has been given, but it’s likely one of a handful of mysterious release date flags that the studio has planted in the coming years, sometime in 2018 or 2019.

Tell us, do you think it’s a good idea that Snyder is by-and-large left out of the creation of the solo Batman movie? Let us know in the comments down below.