Is WB Shooting More Footage For The Justice League Extended Cut?


Justice League is now out and, unsurprisingly, it’s splitting people right down the middle. Many fans love it, but critics are giving the film a pounding. Everyone, however, is intrigued to know how it was changed from its original cut.

In case you’ve missed all the behind the scenes upheaval, Zack Snyder had to hand the keys of the movie over to Joss Whedon due to a family tragedy, meaning the reshoots altered Justice League in some major ways. We’re told that only 15-20% of the final cut is Whedon’s, but we suspect this might be underselling it a bit. What exactly belongs to the Avengers director and what came from Snyder isn’t too hard to spot in the film itself, and while a report surfaced over the weekend detailing most of the scenes that had been removed, there’s still been no word on if we’ll ever see them in some kind of Extended Cut.

What’s interesting, however, is that Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill have been spotted shooting additional Justice League footage as recently as last week. In the first photo in the gallery down below, the two actors are filming something for the movie and the date is marked as November 13th. True, that is before the blockbuster had its premiere, but what’s being shot here obviously isn’t intended to be in the film itself, as it was completed and finalized long before its debut in theaters.

So, what could they be up to, then? Well, that’s hard to say. One possibility, though, is some kind of promotional video was being put together. However, given that this was shot only a few days before Justice League was released, it’s unlikely that Warner Bros. was still working on their marketing material. That kind of stuff is planned and prepared well in advance.

Of course, what most people are hoping for is that this is some additional footage for an Extended Cut, which there’s a lot of demand for. And though that could be the case, it’s also hard to imagine the studio calling actors back at such a late stage to grab more scenes. For one, it’d be awfully expensive and furthermore, November 13th was before the reactions from fans and critics started to pour out online, meaning the intense cries for another cut weren’t really there yet.

Where does that leave us, then? Honestly, we’re not sure. But the fact that something was being shot, with both Cavill and Affleck, just days before Justice League stormed into theaters is certainly intriguing, don’t you think?