Ben Affleck Reportedly Done As Batman After The Flash, Wants To Move On And Direct

Batman v Superman

Michael Keaton may have cast some doubt on his involvement recently, but as far as we’re aware, Ben Affleck remains fully committed to lending support in The Flash. It’s quite the turnaround for an actor who was once set to co-write and direct his own solo Batman movie, before retiring from the role altogether after the Justice League reshoots, which he’s said made him feel like he was suffering.

Affleck had also relapsed into alcoholism, which was another major driving force behind his decision to hang up the cape and cowl. His problems have been put in the rearview mirror, though, and the epilogue of Zack Snyder’s Justice League where Bruce Wayne encounters Martian Manhunter saw the 48 year-old looking better and healthier than he had for years.

Naturally, when the two-time Academy Award winner agreed to suit up for the Snyder Cut, the rumor mill went into overdrive that it was only the beginning. Before we knew it there were tales making the rounds about AT&T, Warner Bros. and HBO Max all pushing for his version of The Batman or even a limited series for streaming, but a new report is now claiming the opposite, saying that The Flash will mark Affleck’s final farewell to the role of the Caped Crusader.

As per Small Screen, the actor simply doesn’t have the interest in committing years to the development of a feature film or TV show, with his focus lying elsewhere, mainly in directing. He hasn’t helmed a movie since 2016’s Live By Night, but he did collaborate on a script with Matt Damon for the first time since Good Will Hunting, with Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel due later this year. Psychological thriller Deep Water is also in the can, while he’s currently filming George Clooney’s drama The Tender Bar. The world is Ben Affleck’s oyster once more, it seems, it’s just that Batman doesn’t look to be a part of it.