Ben Affleck Doesn’t Know Much About His Wife In Gone Girl Clip


Do you know your wife’s blood type? To be quite honest, I do not even know my own blood type, much less anyone else’s. But it is questions like that which will plague Ben Affleck’s character Nick Dunne in Gone Girl, the much anticipated film from David Fincher that will finally come to theatres October 3.

Gone Girl is based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel and features Affleck and Rosamund Pike in the parts of Nick and Amy Dunne, two writers forced to relocate to the midwest. When Amy disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick is concerned, but as the search stretches on the world begins to wonder if he actually killed his wife.

In this latest clip, Nick is faced with a rather irate interrogator (played by Kim Dickens) asking him all kinds of searching questions – or rather, questions that he really should know the answer to. The loving husband does not appear to know if his wife has any friends, what she does during the day, or even what her blood type is. He also has yet to contact her parents, despite his extreme concern over her apparent disappearance. Is he deliberately lying after murdering his wife, or is he just a distressed husband, confused and alarmed by sudden police involvement?

Gone Girl has already become one of the most anticipated films to come out this year, with murmurs of potential Academy Awards circulating around both the director and the performances. While I am not a habitual Affleck fan, I have to say that this really captures the imagination – particularly with a director like Fincher behind it.

Gone Girl will open on October 3. You can check out the latest clip over at Yahoo (there’s no embed available unfortunately).