Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Reportedly Survive The Flash

Justice League Batman

Is Ben Affleck’s Batman going to make it out of The Flash alive? At this stage, it’s a 50/50 shot, but nobody outside the production really knows for sure. However, a new report from Geekosity is answering in the affirmative, although that’s hardly a confirmation that the DCEU’s canonical Dark Knight will live to possibly fight another day.

After all, we’ve heard just as many conflicting rumors touting that the end is nigh for Zack Snyder’s Caped Crusader, and with Geekosity’s only source of information being themselves, it means we can’t quite take the speculation as gospel quite yet. There are still fourteen months to go until the movie comes to theaters, and a lot more hypothetical water is set to pass under the bridge of hearsay between now and then.

Just this week, we’ve been hearing that Affleck’s role in The Flash is a lot smaller than fans have been led to believe, with the two-time Academy Award winner estimated to have spent a week on set at most, so there may not even be much narrative sense in bumping him off if he’s only sticking around for a glorified cameo.

In short, everything we know about The Flash remains the same; Ben Affleck’s Batman is in it, and he’s either going to live or die by the time the credits roll. That being said, there’d be some huge backlash for Warner Bros. were they to eliminate another pillar of the SnyderVerse, and having Bruce Wayne survive keeps that door just the tiniest little bit open.