Ben Affleck’s Role In The Flash Is Reportedly Just A Small Cameo

Justice League Batman

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen has been crying out for a father figure in the DCEU, and after several false starts, he appears to have settled on two. In both versions of Justice League, Barry is recruited for the team by Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, and the metahuman is more than happy to join the billionaire playboy and his ragtag group without explanation, but the Snyder Cut does a much better job of filling in the blanks.

Billy Crudup also gets an increase in screen time as the incarcerated Henry Allen, but he’s since been forced to drop out of The Flash due to scheduling conflicts and been replaced by Ron Livingston. Last summer, Affleck was announced to have joined the ensemble as well, ensuring that both of the Scarlet Speedster’s DCEU dads will be involved in some fashion.

With the movie set to adapt the Flashpoint storyline and crack open the multiverse, there’ve been a lot of concerns among fans that Affleck’s Dark Knight might not make it out alive. And as much as we’d love to see a buddy adventure with Batman and the Flash up until that point, it’s probably not going to happen, with a new rumor claiming that the franchise’s canonical Caped Crusader will only have small cameo in the pic.

The creative team behind The Flash were full of praise for the actor after he signed on, so there must be something exciting about the script for him to end his self-imposed exile as Batman and return to a role he’d publicly retired from. There’s no mention of specifics, but having waited so long to get a solo movie, it would be a little unfair if Barry was shunted to the sidelines in favor of the Dark Knight. As such, Affleck’s participation could well turn out to be minimal.