Here’s How The Punisher Star Could Look As The DCEU’s Nightwing


If you like Batman, and if you like Ben Barnes, you’re probably itching for him to land the role as Nightwing in the next Caped Crusader adventure. The Punisher star not only looks like the character, but has also proven himself to be a vital cog in the superhero machine. It’s not a stretch to say the show wouldn’t be the same without his backstabbing Billy Russo.

Of course, the jump from backstabbing to having Batman’s back would be a big one. But this wouldn’t be Barnes’ first rodeo as a heroic sidekick. He was terrific as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia. A leader with a fearless stare and wavy hair. We also liked him in the BBC drama Gold Digger, where he was given the chance to really show off his acting chops.

If anything, most people saw him taking on the role of Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film. Now that Robert Pattinson has filled the spot though, we can only pray he still gets a chance to save the day as Nightwing, and here’s how he could look in the part if he should snag it:

Looks good, right? I’m not alone in thinking this and countless polls and fan images might just make this dream a reality. Then again, several other names are being considered, including: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Corey Hawkins, Jensen Ackles and most surprisingly, Michael Cera.

Still, this is a bigger role than you initially might think. Whoever lands it will get the chance to be a touchstone in the DCEU as the character has backgrounds in the worlds of Batman and Superman and will likely be featured in both storylines.

As of now, Barnes’ traction is merely Twitter posts, fan art and polls. But the more of that we get, the more likely Matt Reeves is to cast him as Nightwing.

Source: Instagram

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