Benedict Cumberbatch Says Avengers: Infinity War Never Lets Up


With so many characters to juggle, as well as the overarching scheme of Thanos to find the Infinity Stones, we could’ve guessed that the pace of Avengers: Infinity War would be as speedy as Quicksilver (RIP, Pietro). One star of the biggest movie of the year though has now confirmed as much, promising that the film will move along with the momentum, never letting up.

Benedict Cumberbatch was chatting with European site Kinowetter when he was asked what his favorite thing about Infinity War is. As well as briefly mentioning the comedy that arises from of all these big personalities coming together, the Doctor Strange actor emphasized that the threat of Thanos and his Black Order means that the movie is fueled by a constant sense of “non-stop jeopardy.”

“The humour, and the non-stop jeopardy. I mean, it doesn’t really let up. These characters are all caught off-guard and it’s non-stop survival.”

We’ve heard something like this before. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have promised that Infinity War will be their most intense Marvel movie yet, as every hero will be put through the ringer to some degree. Not least Stephen Strange himself, who the trailers have told us will be tortured by Ebony Maw at one point. He’s got hold of the Time Stone, after all, which will put him on the Mad Titan’s hit-list.

Speaking of which, it’s interesting that Cumberbatch spoke about the Avengers being “caught off-guard” in Infinity War. He seems to be talking about how Thanos’ attack will come out of nowhere. This was confirmed by screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely recently, who said that the assembled heroes will be totally unprepared for what’s to come. Clearly, the gang haven’t been sticking around for the post-credits scenes of their movies.

Whether they’re ready or not, Thanos will come to collect what’s his when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.

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