Benedict Cumberbatch Was Blown Away By Avengers: Infinity War’s Story


As is common knowledge by now, Marvel Studios was so keen to keep spoilers to a minimum that not even the central cast of Avengers: Infinity War were given full scripts to read. And with goofballs like Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo around, can you really blame them?

One actor who was lucky enough to get his hands on the whole thing though was the apparently trustworthy Benedict Cumberbatch. In an interview with European site Kinowetter, the Doctor Strange star opened up about his experience of reading the entire thing for the first time, revealing that he was just blown away by how thrilling the story was.

While doing so, he also teased that his character plays an important role in the film, which is how he was able to swing the whole script situation.

“Doctor Strange is really important in this, so I really did barter to get the whole script – he’s got quite a key role in it. I was just mind-boggingly blown away by what they are doing in this story. It’s just so thrilling and unrelenting. It just doesn’t stop.”

It only stands to reason that Strange will be one of the most important players in Infinity War. After all, he does wear one of the all-powerful Infinity Stones, that Thanos is trying to get his purple digits on so badly, as a necklace. Specifically, we know that the Master of the Mystic Arts will mostly team up with Iron Man and Spider-Man in the film, which should create some brilliant moments of comedy.

As for how thrilling the movie is, Cumberbatch also explained that a key part of what makes Infinity War so exhilarating is the constant barrage of jeopardy that will come the heroes’ way throughout. Indeed, Strange himself looks to be tortured by Ebony Maw of the Black Order at some point, as the trailers have shown.

Be sure to catch Cumberbatch in his “key role” as Doctor Strange when Avengers: Infinity War lands on April 27th.

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