Benedict Cumberbatch Cracks The Code In Full UK Trailer For The Imitation Game


Back in July, we were offered a first glimpse at The Imitation Game when the first two teasers dropped. Now we’ve got the full-length UK trailer ahead of its November release.

The story of British mathematician Alan Turing is one of great importance for several reasons. The esteemed scholar (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) was enlisted to assist in the cracking of the German Enigma code, which masked the daily wartime activities of the Nazi regime. His academic mind enabled him to work furiously on breaking the German ciphers and his role in figuring out their seemingly impenetrable encryption is now the stuff of great pride for Britain.

This new trailer includes footage that extends past his stint code-cracking at Bletchley Park. Turing’s personal life came under great scrutiny and led to his prosecution in 1952, as during that period homosexuality was illegal in the UK. I could go on at great length about the injustice Turing suffered at the hands of a misguided, naive and punishing government, but that will no doubt venture into spoiler territory.

The movie comes from Headhunters director Morten Tyldum, and has so far gathered a lot of positive early reviews. The Weinstein Company are overseeing the feature, aiming its release at the end of the year in prime position for awards recognition. Which means they’re likely anticipating Oscar nods.

Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Allen Leech, Matthew Beard and Rory Kinnear all co-star alongside Cumberbatch.

The Imitation Game is set for release in the UK on November 14th, followed by a US release on November 21st.

In THE IMITATION GAME, Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing, the genius British mathematician, logician, cryptologist and computer scientist who led the charge to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win WWII. Turing went on to assist with the development of computers at the University of Manchester after the war, but was prosecuted by the UK government in 1952 for homosexual acts which the country deemed illegal.