Benedict Cumberbatch Says He Won’t Be In Star Wars: Episode VII

Cumberbatch Sith

Sorry Star Wars fans, but it looks like those Benedict Cumberbatch rumors were nothing but smoke. Speculation pointed to possibility of the Star Trek Into Darkness actor reuniting with J.J. Abrams for Star Wars: Episode VIIbut it looks like Cumberbatch won’t be making a trip to that galaxy far, far away after all. 

The actor announced the news himself during a Q&A today at OzComicCon, which was then tweeted by Australian entertainment site The Iris:


Back in September, Latino Review not only insisted that he had a role, but that any denial from the actor should be taken the same way as his constant denials about playing Khan (and we all know how that turned out). So, perhaps he’s hitting us with another dose of misdirection, though I doubt that’s the case. If he really did have a role in the film, it’s not likely that he would just flat out deny it. Then again, we all know how secretive Abrams is, so maybe that’s what the actor has been instructed to do?

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