Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Flub His Lines In Avengers: Infinity War BTS Video


If you’re a true MCU fan, you’ve no doubt already picked up the digital edition of Avengers: Infinity War and checked out the impressive plethora of special features within. If you’re waiting for the Blu-ray or you’re on the fence about the package, though, then maybe this trailer for some of the bonus features might be the tipping point.

The best moments for me are the peeks at the outtakes from the movie, including Benedict Cumberbatch flubbing his own character’s name and Robert Downey Jr. having to deal with a fly inside the green screen studio while filming headshots for inside his armor. Given how complex Infinity War was – comprising a truly gigantic amount of CGI wizardry combined with the physical stunts that gave the movie its weight – it’s nice to see there’s still room for a little chaos on set.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the audio commentary track, which sounds as if it’s full of trivia worth remembering. In fact, one piece of insight revolves around Tony Stark and Doctor Strange’s first meeting.

Apparently, the original plan was for Strange to introduce himself, with Stark responding, “no shit, Sherlock.” This is, of course, a reference to both actors having played Sherlock Holmes over the last couple of years, with Cumberbatch taking the role on hit BBC show and Downey Jr. showing off his take on the part in two Guy Ritchie-directed movies.

Alas, this gag was left on the cutting room floor, as it was decided that the film shouldn’t contain too many meta-jokes – which are jokes that require outside knowledge from other sources. Plus it’s also a pretty obvious gag. Still, there’s a certain blunt silliness about it that I like and honestly, I would’ve had no problem had they left it in Avengers: Infinity War.