Benedict Cumberbatch And John Malkovich Join The Penguins Of Madagascar

Benedict Cumberbatch

It looks like DreamWorks Animation is milking those silly penguins for all that they’ve got as the studio will be releasing a new spinoff of their successful Madagascar franchise titled, The Penguins of Madagascar. Though no plot synopsis has been released just yet, we’re hearing today from The Wrap that John Malkovich and Benedict Cumberbatch will lend their voices to the film.

As far as their roles go, we don’t have specifics but apparently, Malkovich will play the “charismatic bad guy” and Cumberbatch will take on the role of an important “non-human CIA agent” who is tasked with hunting down Malkovich’s character.

Set to direct is Simon J. Smith, who previously brought us Bee Movie, and on scripting duties are Michael Colton and John Aboud.

Personally, I think the penguin thing has gone on too far. Yes, they were entertaining and funny when they first appeared and even a couple of appearances later they still had me smiling, but at this point I think the whole thing has been done to death. We’ve seen Madagascar‘s penguins in three theatrical films now, a whole host of specials for TV and DVD and they even have their own TV series on Nickelodeon.

That being said, I suppose there’s still an audience for this type of thing and as long as people still flock to theatres to see more of the beloved penguins, DreamWorks Animation will keep pumping out films for them.

The Penguins of Madagascar will land in theatres on March 27, 2015. Tell us, have you had enough of the penguins or are you still eager to see more of them?