Benedict Cumberbatch Officially Confirmed For Doctor Strange


Though it was all but confirmed until now, Marvel has decided to make it official and has revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch will indeed be playing the Sorcerer Supreme. That’s right, the British thesp has finally been locked into the titular role in the studio’s upcoming Doctor Strange, after months and months of rumors and speculation.

While this isn’t exactly news, as the actor was said to be in talks back in October, it’s still nice to hear that Marvel has finally signed him. During the studio’s recent phase three announcement, no mention was made of Cumberbatch, which had many second guessing the rumors that he had been cast. Now, however, fans can rest easy knowing that everyone’s number one choice for the role has been signed.

What this means for the actor’s other commitments is currently unclear. As we all know, Marvel requires their stars to sign multi-picture deals. There’s no word yet on how many appearances Cumberbatch is contracted for, but you can bet that he’ll be showing up quite frequently during phase three.

For more on the Cumberbatch’s casting, check out Marvel’s Doctor Strange press release on the next page.