Benedict Cumberbatch Says He’s Thrilled With The Ingenuity Of Avengers 4


“The best stories have a definitive ending.”

That’s MCU chief Kevin Feige there, speaking to Toronto Sun on the eve of Avengers: Infinity War back in April. And though that quote is a few months old now, it certainly makes for interesting reading as we approach the grand cinematic event that is Avengers 4.

Pegged to arrive in May of next year, the so-far untitled MCU sequel has been described as many things – 2019’s most-anticipated movie, an unmissable blockbuster… you name it – but in the eyes of Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s both clever and original. Or at least, that’s how he described it while chatting with The Toronto Star recently.

Speaking in an interview to promote his excellent new show Patrick Melrose, here’s what the actor shared:

And [I’m thrilled] with the pitch for it. And thrilled by the ingenuity of the whole thing. And to be in an audience and experience [the ending of Infinity War] was something else. I’ve been part of Sherlock, with a very famous cliffhanger. It’s a very brave thing for movies that are that big, bold and colorful.

Of course, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for an actor to hype up a project they’re starring in, but Cumberbatch’s usually a pretty honest and candid guy, so we’re inclined to believe him when he says how thrilled he is by Avengers 4. What’s particularly interesting, though, is how he mentions the ingenuity of it.

Likely, he’s referring to the way in which Earth’s Mightiest Heroes reverse Thanos’ devastating actions from Infinity War and bring back their friends. And given that Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange looks to be crucial to whatever their plan is, you have to imagine that the actor’s in the know when it comes to plot details and the like.

As for how exactly things will go back to normal following the Mad Titan’s finger snap, that we don’t know, but what we do know is that there’s less than a year to go until we find out, as Avengers 4 opens big on May 3rd, 2019.