Benedict Cumberbatch Refuses To Deny He’s In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Nary a week goes by that we do not hear, see, or smell some kind of rumor about a big tentpole film. If it is not who will (or will not) be appearing in Star Wars: Episode VII, then it’s who will (or will not) be appearing in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Up next: Benedict Cumberbatch, the silken voiced British actor who has showed up (or not) in almost every big budget movie made since 2012.

The brouhaha started when a rumor began spreading that Cumberbatch was set to appear as an undisclosed character in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – possibly as Martian Manhunter, possibly as another DC villain, maybe just as Benedict Cumberbatch standing on a street corner being asked if he will appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The rumor was slightly put to bed when it turned out that it was just wishful speculation on the part of the blogosphere. But then a BBC reporter put the question to Mr. Cumberbatch himself, who refused to deny that he was involved in some way with the DC universe. Which means…well, almost nothing, but it’s better than a total denial.

Oh, but this is the kind of rumor I love, where no one says anything and that very silence is construed as maybe a possible confirmation…unless, of course, it is maybe a possible denial. As much as this sounds like bloggers and reporters grasping at information about a production that is being kept fairly close to the chest by all involved, I guess that we all have to find something to do with our time.

Cumberbatch is in great demand right now, and he’s been cagey about his involvement in various franchises before (remember when he totally was not Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness?). It would not surprise me if he pops up somewhere in the DC universe, though perhaps not in this movie.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will premiere in the Spring of 2016, and I’m sure we’ll know who’s in it by then.