Does Benedict Cumberbatch Have A Role In Star Wars: Episode VII?


And so we continue on with the Star Wars: Episode VII rumors. This one comes from Film Chronicles, who claim that one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, Benedict Cumberbatch, may have a role in the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed film. There’s no word on which character he’ll play but apparently, an official announcement from Disney and Lucasfilm is coming soon.

Though just a rumor, the news does make some sense. Cumberbatch worked with Abrams on this year’s Star Trek Into Darkness and he did a pretty fantastic job as the villain, despite the character being poorly written. I can definitely see him playing a bad guy in the upcoming Star Wars film and I think it would work out quite well. Then again, maybe he’ll be on the opposite side this time around and portray one of the heroes. Either way, Benedict Cumberbatch is a superb actor and if he indeed is involved in the film then we should all be very excited.

What’s also interesting to note is that Cumberbatch recently dropped out of Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Could that move be attributed to the fact that he needed to free up his schedule for Star Wars: Episode VII? It could be.

Again, this is in no way confirmed and at this point, almost every big name in Hollywood has been rumored to be attached to the film in some capacity. So who knows how much truth there is to this. Personally, I’m hoping that Film Chronicles’ source turns out to be correct, but only time will tell. We’ll keep you posted.

What do you think? Do you want to see Benedict Cumberbatch star in the film? If so, which role do you want to see him take?