Benedict Cumberbatch Gives Us A Small Detail About Smaug In The Hobbit

For better or worse, we know that Peter Jackson has decided to turn his pair of Hobbit films into another trilogy. With this, of course, has come speculation as to how the story will be split up and who will be appearing in which part of the tale.

Recently, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the dragon Smaug, was making press rounds for an upcoming miniseries when he offered up this little tidbit about his character: “I think my eye might open at the end of the first film and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second.”

Could this be the first indication of where the first film will end? It seems like it would be too far into the book, leaving little of the story for part two, let alone part three. Then again, Jackson could be filling the rest of the films with material from the Lord of the Rings appendices that he’s mentioned before.

What we do know regarding Smaug is that Cumberbatch will be voicing and portraying the dragon using performance capture technology. You may recall that the same method was used for the creature Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so with about a decade having passed for the technology to advance, we can probably expect something quite amazing.

We’ll begin to see how this all plays out when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits theaters on December 14th, 2012.

(Source: The Playlist)

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