Watch: Benedict Cumberbatch Visits Comic Book Store Dressed As Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Back in 2016, Benedict Cumberbatch relayed a story about visiting a comic book store while filming Doctor Strange in Manhattan – dressed in full superhero gear. Well, talk about playing the long game.

Director Scott Derrickson has today posted footage of Cumberbatch’s store visit for the world to see and you can check out the tweet below to watch it for yourself:

I use the word wholesome all the time, often unnecessarily. For once however, this is a story that does it justice. Believe me, I tried to find another word, but there just aren’t that many alternatives. Uplifting, perhaps? That’s got more of a spiritual bent.

Anyway, what a wonderful moment for those who happened to be in there at the time. I’d say the customers present looked more beguiled than anything else. In the video, Cumberbatch jokingly offers his services to the store owner should the movie fail. In another life maybe it did, but in this one, Doctor Strange was a success. He also points out that he’d have to maintain his, let’s say, dubious American accent all the time. Stick with the Queen’s English, Benny.

There’s one overriding sensation that this ruby from the past has evoked, and that’s that 2016 feels like an absolute lifetime ago. Brexit, Trump, Bowie. To put it diplomatically, that was some year. 2020 is trying its hardest to out-stink it, and with another election on the horizon, it could just do it. Ah, there goes the diplomatic line I was holding. My deepest apologies.

That’s enough reminiscing from me, though. Among many things, 4 years ago we got Doctor Strange. Give it another couple and he’ll be entering the Multiverse of Madness. Give it a few more, when his superhero days are done, and you might see him retire to a small comic book store in Manhattan. Wouldn’t that be sweet?