Benedict Cumberbatch Weaves His Magic In New Doctor Strange Image


Earlier this week, director Scott Derrickson wrapped up filming on Marvel’s Doctor Strange, as Benedict Cumberbatch’s debut as the Sorcerer Supreme now enters post-production.

As such, with the stream of set photos beginning to taper off, the studio is ensuring we’re still pining for the film’s release with official action shots of Cumberbatch’s eccentric scientist, and Stockland Martel has unearthed the latest of the bunch.


Donning the famous guise as Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, there’s no question that Benedict Cumberbatch looks the part, and in his journey to the Quantum Realm he’ll be flanked by Rachel McAdams, Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One), Michael Stuhlbarg, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen.

Indeed, we got a glimpse of Doctor Strange‘s big bad when those final set photos emerged earlier in the week, and while the identity of Mikkelsen’s villain remains firmly under lock and key, expect more details to seep out in the months to come, particularly as Marvel inches closer and closer to unveiling the first trailer.

Come November 4, Benedict Cumberbatch will weave his magic as Marvel’s Doctor Strange, and you can get an early glimpse of the sorcery in action via the action shot below.


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