Benedict Cumberbatch’s Role In Star Trek 2 Has Possibly Been Revealed

After months of speculation surrounding who (or what) Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing in Star Trek 2, the question seems to have been answered, and it’s not Khan. The reveal was made by Cumberbatch’s co-star Karl Urban, who slipped up during an interview to promote his upcoming fim Dredd.

In an interview with SFX, Urban was asked about what it was like working with Cumberbatch. Here’s his answer:

He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.

Star Trek fans will know that Gary Mitchell is a character from the original series, who was friends with Captain Kirk from the Academy but turned villainous when he gained “godlike, telekinetic powers”. In turn, Mitchell realised that he could use these to his advantage for the wrong reasons.

In the series, Spock advised Kirk to kill Mitchell but instead, Kirk chose to maroon him on a remote planet, which fails to hold him. Now, with anything JJ Abrams related you always have to be very cautious.

With his actors now promoting work that is non-Star Trek related before Trek 2‘s 2013 release, it is very likely he’s had them primed with fake answers as a cover up to leave audiences surprised. Or, Urban could have just messed up. Personally, I’m inclined to believe the former.

Abrams likes to play things very close to his chest and doesn’t want anything to be revealed before an audience gets a chance to see it. However, if this does turn out to be true, then Benedict Cumberbatch has been perfectly cast. The actor is probably best known for BBC’s Sherlock where he plays the famous detective who deals in mind games and deception, something that the Gary Mitchell character will also have in spades.

I guess we won’t really know until we see the actual film, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start speculating, right?

Star Trek 2 is due for release on May 17th 2013.

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  1. General Loquacioussays:

    I bet dat boy dun ruimed it awl!

  2. With all the amazing expanded universe Star Trek, the fact that the new movie will be a remake of an early TOS episode is disappointing.

    1. Williamsays:

      We don’t know for certain yet. Just because Gary Mitchel will be in it doesn’t mean it is a rewrite of an original TOS TV show. His character could simply be being reintroduced for a completely different set of circumstances…We have yet to find out. Kirk is in command of the ship far younger than he was originally. There is nothing certain here….Only some things can be said to be potentially certain, such as the NOMAD probe and V’Ger….They both began their trips long before the time change occured. The Doomsday Machine is still a potential…..It came from someplace else, and the timeline alteration would not have altered that…….

  3. Joesays:

    Are you kidding me? Didn’t they do enough damage with the first movie already?

  4. HarloweThrombeysays:

    Just bring back Shatner and Nimoy and Nichols and Takei and Koenig for christssake. Aged as they are, they still are far more interesting than and superior to the Abrams cast and crew.

    1. a Real Trekkiesays:

      Harlowe my dead grandmother are far more interesting and superior than Abrams and his cast and crew.

      want to know how bad the movie was? I had watched it with a group of hard core SW fans that hated ST and they even said it was a pile of crap and that TOS and TNG was better and that is saying something.

      also they told me that they felt sorry for me because of how horrible that revamp was…

    2. Williamsays:

      Some are dead you know……..Or are you not aware of these facts? James Doohan, Deforest Kelly, they have both passed. These are people who are now at the age where they can no longer contribute in the way they once did. It is the way life is….We all grow old.

  5. HarloweThrombeysays:

    Anyone who was disappointed by the Abrams reboot may very well love this film “Of Gods and Men” (a sequel to both Charlie X and City on the Edge of Forever); It is far better:

    1. Hosfacsays:

      Anyone who was disappointed by the Abrams reboot was disappointed in it because it didn’t have the original cast and the original producer. As an avid Star Trek fan from the very beginning, I saw no reason to dislike the movie. Time travel plot lines have been a regular occurrence in the Star Trek story, but the focus was always the heroes not interfering with the course of history. This particular arc is the result of someone actively trying to change history.

      The whole story relates to the existing time travel theory of “self-repair,” where things will end up the way they always have, despite any and all efforts to change them. Even though Nero drastically altered the courses of every character’s life, they all ended up exactly where they were supposed to be, exactly the way they were supposed to be.

      1. obloodyhellsays:

        Well, except for that billion or so Vulcans… LOLOLOLOLOL….

        The usual theory of “self repair” is that random chance or other event is supposed to STOP you from changing things too radically. In this, Nero succeeded in making massive changes to history… the whole TNG universe will lack a substantial Vulcan component as a result of what he did. Will there still be a Vulcan captain and a Vulcan crew for “Take Me Out To The Holosuite”?

        Not saying anything against the movie itself, mind you… it was very well done, and I’ve been an ST fan probably longer than almost any of you readers — I watched the original series during its original run. I have no problem with rebooting the series. Unlike, say, The Dark Knight or Spiderman, it had run on for a long time and was getting hard to really tell interesting “BIG” stories as a result.

      2. Hosfacsays:

        There was a point in human history that we believed that the Earth, and hence humans, were at the center of the universe. I only mention this because it’s one of many examples of the hubris of our species that allows us to believe that we, as individuals, are somehow integral to the workings of the universe. I assure you that this is not only not the case, the universe at large likely doesn’t even realize that we, as individuals, exist. That would be like you or I having a personal awareness of the existence of a specific cell in our pancreas and what it does to help us live.

        The “self-repair” theory abandons the concept of human egocentricity altogether. The part you mentioned is the path of least resistance. All natural forces will take the path of least resistance whenever it is possible. However, possibilities are infinite and the rule of infinite states that the closer anything gets to being infinite, the odds of a specific set of circumstances occurring approaches 100%. This means that eventually, someone tampering with history will ultimately succeed.

        This is reconciled by considering the events that occur as the integral part of time, and considering the people making these events happen insignificant to the process. Let’s say, for example, that someone traveled back in time and successfully assassinated Hitler before he was born Sarah Connor style. Assuming that the self-repair theory was law, this would not prevent the atrocities of WWII because someone else would simply step up to take his place. Those events that irrevocably changed the world would still happen, just as they always did (perhaps with subtle differences, but the core events would still occur), only today we would have a different name that was synonymous with evil.

      3. I am the real Trekkiesays:

        They screwed up everything, if you are a true Trekkie you would be able to spot key differences such as two of the crew not being on the enterprise at the same time until a bit later in the show.

        then there is the fact that you cannot construct a star ship on planet and the fact that the Enterprise was built in space dock.

        then there is Caption Pike whom Kirk never served under.. ever let alone on the Enterprise.

        they even screwed up the Enterprise as it uses parts from later movies and later refits.

        no the real reason We true Trekkies hat the move so much is because they screwed up everything and they are raping the Star trek and soon will have no dignity left.

        a true and real Trekkie would hate the move as well.

      4. Williamsays:

        Yet the first Galaxy Class was built at Utopia Planitia ON Mars, not in orbit. There was even a brief scene in the Next Gen where you could see the Primary Hull of one under construction…..

      5. szoresays:

        It was a re-imagining, not a remake of the original.

      6. szoresays:

        I thought it was great, saw it many times.

      7. hakushakusays:

        Whether or not you’re a trekkie, the reboot was pretty terrible as a movie. There’s a certain amount of shoddy story telling I’m willing to tolerate in an action flick, but Star Trek pushed the limit for me. Which shouldn’t be surprising. It was written by the same people who wrote Transformers.

  6. Joelsays:

    abrams worst mistake was making the enterprise so different than the original series..the secondary hull looks stupid…make a next generation movie or ds9

    1. true Trekkiesays:

      no the worst mistake he had was being aloud to touch Star Trek to began with.

      To be honest I don’t care about TNG DS9 or Voy because only TOS is the true Star Trek show.

      if he wanted to do a trek movie he should have gone with ds9, tng, or Voy.

      rewriting TOS is like trying to take credit for a great man and his work by trying to make it his own with a ‘revamp’.

      and any person who calls them selves a Trekkie because they watch this garbage is nothing more than a fake.

  7. I am STUNNED that there is even a single person who didn’t like JJ’s movie. I am the true definition of a Trekkie: I watched the TOS – when it was first aired. I watched every episode in re-runs to the point that you could show me a still shot of any episode and I could give you the name of the episode, the star date, and (of course) the plot. I own the Star Trek Technical Manual that was produced in the early 1970’s (the one with schematics of a tricorder, phaser, etc).

    And I thought JJ’s movie was the BEST of all the Star Trek movies. And it’s not even all that close.

    1. obloodyhellsays:

      I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s certainly one of the best. Wrath of Khan was the best of the ToS movies, and either First Contact or Nemesis(yes, *Nemesis*) was the best of the TNG movies. I don’t think you can directly compare them because the expectations of film and cinematography have changed since the others were made (well, except maybe Nemesis). You look at TOS, and the effects and sets look cheesy… but you look at the early TNGs and THOSE now look kind of cheesy.

      In addition the pacing of film and tv have both changed post MTV, growing increasingly faster and with far more visual shorthand than used to be acceptable.

    2. a real Trekkiesays:

      No if you was a true Trekkie you would find these new movies as distasteful and pos.

      just because you memorize trivia and other information does not make you a Trekkie. I know someone who hates SW with a passion but knows every line from all three movies because his girl friend loves the stupid movies.

      to be honest I do not see how a Trekkie and a SW freak and live in the same house let alone get married….

      1. Williamsays:

        Sorry my good man, you are far to much into it. I have loved Trek since I was a child. Fell in love with it in 1981 when we first had cable and saw the Motion Pic. Yes, probably one of the few who can say I actually love the “Thinking man’s Trek movie”. However, I love sci-fi and fantasy in general and can separate apples from oranges……..Star Trek is not Star Wars and I can see them and enjoy them both for what they are, two entirely separate universes in which a large part is built around the characters. I also love the classics like Forbidden Planet and the original War of the Worlds. Anyhow, if you drive your ability to have friends and relationships off of fictional universes….there is an issue there. I too, do have certain things I strongly dislike about the 2009 “reboot”. That said though, I have some things I strongly like about it as well……They did a fantastic job with the characters themselves ( although the Uhura / Spock thing is a bolt outta the blue…. ), The way Nero came across was both good and bad…….in development that is. The Narada? Ridiculous. The Enterprise? Needed some serious tweaking…..You can’t please us all though and never will.

      2. Acting and action was good, since the timeline was changed so is some of the story, But what throws me the most and PO’s me still is the freaking engine room, the steampunk garbage of the engine room, its the 23rd century and here in the 21st century we are more advanced? The NX Enterprise was more advanced? Really? Make the engine room look the way it should and I’ll back the movies, for right now I’m watching to see how stupid this director can make things look.

  8. Grant Landissays:

    Villain? What makes this guy think Gary Mitchell is a going to be a villain? If it predates the events of the Star Trek pilot, he may still be a hero. If this character is a villain in the movie, then that would be a product of the “changed timeline.”

    1. True Trekkiesays:

      there is no way for him to become one until that even in TOS as he was ‘changed’ so unless that happens the same way as in TOS it is a fraud and ten to one they will have a bunch of sex scenes as that is the only way the younger Gen will actually watch it.

  9. the REAL Trekkiesays:

    oh goody another rape of a good show. this is not star trek. being a real Trekkie and fan of only TOS and movies from TOS I find this movie and the one before it offensive and the hack jobs people call writers should be tared and feathered then crucified upside down for their crime against Gen Roddenberry’s work and the very fabric of the show itself.

    they might as well dig up his corps and spit on it and take a crap and piss on it as that what they are doing with these new movies.

  10. Williamsays:

    “Fails to hold him”…where did that come from? In the original, Gary Mitchel never made another appearance. His character “died” on that planet when Kirk barely managed to get the upper hand with the help of ( forget her name ) the ship’s psychatrist who also gained the same type of power. He managed to push Gary into a grave that was intended for himself and get a heavy rock to fall in and on top of Gary…..That was the end. Now, does that mean he could not make a come back? No. Especially with Abrams in charge. Then again, he might not even be the villain at all………………I personally thought the choice for Dr. McCoy looks a heck of lot more like Mitchel ( and thought it was going to be him ).

  11. If Gary Mitchell is indeed depicted in the film, it won’t be the man with the powers. In this current timeline, Kirk and Mitchell don’t know each other will have never gone through the barrier that gave Gary the powers. UNLESS, the powers Gary acquired give him the ability to jump timelines and alternate universes. Right now the current timline is right around the time when the Enterprise encountered Talos IV, which may or may not happen in lew of the alteration.

    Whew! Talk about food for thought!

  12. szoresays:

    I’m hot for this one. I thought ST 2008 was awesome, though the villain left me a little cold.

  13. Anonsays:

    Fix the typo’s before the article gets published.


  14. Robotopiasays:

    ” It was already mentioned in the comic book that is connected to this film that there are
    implications from the ‘Mirror Universe’ involved, So this “Gary Mitchell” may be from either
    the ‘Mirror universe’ or the ‘Nu-timeline’, but regardless, with these powers, rips an
    opening into at least one other ‘reality’ combining both the ‘Gary Mitchell’ character with
    that original-series character that jumps through realities…
    I forget the episode, but the other Character kept going through alternate

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