Doctor Strange Star Benedict Wong Has A Role In Avengers: Infinity War


Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch would be reprising his role as the Sorcerer Supreme in Avengers: Infinity War, something that was long thought to be the case. Now, has confirmed that his Doctor Strange co-star, Benedict Wong, will join him.

Speaking to the outlet in a recent interview, the actor said the following: “I’m thrilled I’m going to be in Infinity War. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll tell you that one first.” He wouldn’t reveal how large of a part he’ll have, but given the massive amount of characters set to feature in the film, we don’t imagine it will be a very big role.


Still, his involvement will definitely make fans happy and leads us to believe that a few other characters from Doctor Strange may appear in Infinity War as well. Of course, that’s just speculation, but with Cumberbatch and Wong now confirmed, might we see Tilda Swinton show up as The Ancient One, too? Time will tell, but don’t rule it out just yet.

Circling back to Doctor Strange though, early reports paint the film as another strong effort from Marvel with some truly spectacular visuals. It’ll hit theatres on November 4th, in North America at least, so we don’t have long to wait now to see if the buzz is accurate.

Until then, be sure to pay a visit down to the comments section down below and let us know whether or not you think Avengers: Infinity War is going to suffer from having too many characters in it. We’re a bit worried that the Russos may have trouble juggling it all, but for now, we’ll remain hopeful that they deliver another excellent effort on par with what they gave us in Captain America: Civil War.