Benicio Del Toro In Talks For Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice


As if last week’s news that Paul Thomas Anderson has finally got the ball rolling on Inherent Vice wasn’t enough, now there’s the possibility of Benicio Del Toro taking a role. Warner Bros. gave the project a much needed kickstart last week by agreeing to finance the film. Rumours were rife that Annapurna Pictures would back the production, following on from the critical success of Anderson’s The Master, but WB swooped in to save the day.

Adapted by Anderson from the novel by Thomas Pynchon, Inherent Vice is a period piece set during the 1970s. The tale follows drug-addled private detective Larry “Doc” Sportello as he investigates the case of a missing girl. Del Toro is in talks to assume a minor supporting role as an attorney, forever helping Sportello get out of scrapes and worries despite not actually being a criminal lawyer. The role of Sportello has already been snagged by Anderson alumni Joaquin Phoenix.

The two characters together bring up visions of Duke and Gonzo in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, in which Del Toro played Gonzo. Though the role is only minor, based on the source novel, should Del Toro accept it he’ll have a handful of scene-stealing moments. This could lead to the actor’s second Oscar nomination.

While the rumour mill churned with talk of Charlize Theron joining, there’s been nothing confirmed about her appearance. For saying the film begins its shoot this month, the chances are that all the roles are filled but PTA is keeping them under wraps for now. That being said, over at Anderson fansite, Cigarettes and Red Vines they’ve got news of another addition. Character actor Kevin J. O’Connor who teamed up with the director for The Master and There Will Be Blood, is apparently back for Inherent Vice.

So, that’s all we have for you now, but check back as we’ll be sure to keep you posted on more news as it arises.