Bermuda Triangle Movie Courting Sam Raimi To Direct


Sam Raimi of Oz The Great and Powerful has come attached to the untitled Bermuda Triangle movie at Skydance, which is one of three competing projects currently simmering in development.

The other two, according to The Hollywood Reporter, have set up shop across Universal and Warner Bros., though with Raimi now in talks to helm the mystery thriller, it seems Skydance’s movie is the furthest along even at this early stage in development.

Centering on the infamous stretch of sea between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, the Bermuda Triangle (AKA the Devil’s Triangle) has a long history of aircraft and ships venturing into its waters, only to disappear without a trace. Estimations are all over the place, and ever since the phrase Bermuda Triangle was first coined in 1964, that relatively small channel in the North Atlantic has become something of a worldwide phenomenon among conspiracy theorists, with potential explanations ranging from magnetic interference to volcanic activity to, er, portals to another planet.

Details on Skydance’s thriller are scarce – how very fitting – but THR notes that together, Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) hashed out a screenplay, itself an overhaul of the pitch by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, the duo responsible for 2009’s Friday the 13th reboot.

Though he’s been keeping busy with TV projects such as Rake and Ash vs Evil Dead, it’s going on four years since Sam Raimi last stepped behind the lens to direct. Skydance’s untitled Bermuda Triangle movie could change all that, providing a deal closes, while we understand the illustrious filmmaker is also mulling over an adaptation of George Friedman’s World War 3.

Source: THR