Best Gifts For Movie Lovers

If the last few years taught us anything, it’s that watching movies from home is more popular than it has ever been. With streaming services galore and many of them even releasing brand new movies the same day as theatres, home theaters are more relevant and important than ever. Here are a few gift ideas that would be greatly appreciated in the hands of a film connoisseur. 

Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies

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This visual treat of a book gives readers a better insight into where some of their favorite movies take place. Illustrated in a style very reminiscent of theme park maps, this book would be a great addition to anyone’s coffee table.

Cinelinx: A Card Game for People Who Love Movies

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For a gift that can truly test a film buff’s knowledge, look no further than Cinelinx. The goal is to match cards together that correspond to the correct quote, director, actor, etcetera. A fun game to test someone’s knowledge and learn a little more about movies while playing.

West Bend Hot Oil Theater Style Popcorn Popper Machine

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No good movie night is complete without some delicious buttery popcorn! Well, not only does this popcorn machine make delicious popcorn, but it also perfectly fits the look you’d want for any home theater. If a movie buff really wants to step up the authentic feel and flavor of theater popcorn, then look no further.

Movie Night Decorations Chalkboard Kit

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To continue with the theme of the home theater motif, why not get a gift that makes movie night with friends feel that much more official? This chalkboard set sells the authentic look of a movie theater, while also showing any guests what’s on the agenda for a weekly movie night. With enough talent, some artwork on this chalkboard would make it a super fun addition to a movie room!

Classic Popcorn Containers for Movie Night

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An obvious choice to go along with the popcorn maker, the look of these popcorn containers is almost cliche, but it’s for good reason. These novelty popcorn containers are what everyone thinks of when thinking about movie theater popcorn. It’s such a perfect addition to theater-style popcorn that it almost makes it taste more authentic.

Redbox Movie Night Care Package

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A nice cheap all-in-one package for all the movie lovers out there, this deal gives everything someone could want. A one-night Redbox rental code, popcorn, and assorted candies mean that everything will be taken care of this movie night!

Movie Tarot: A Hero’s Journey

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This interesting piece of movie memorabilia is a fully functional tarot card deck that features movie characters such as Forest Gump and Red from Shawshank Redemption instead of the usual fare. Great for someone already into tarot cards, or just a movie buff who will appreciate the detailed artwork and references!

Watching movies at home is bigger than ever, and many moviegoers are wanting to take that theater feeling into the home. These gifts would be a great start to make movie night that much more fun for anyone!

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