You Can Now Place Bets On How Many People Will Be Arrested At The Area 51 Raid


No one knows exactly what’s going to happen on the day of the planned Area 51 raid. Some think that it’ll go by without a hitch, while others are banking on several people being dragged away in handcuffs. Speaking of which, for those with an itch to gamble, you can now place bets in Las Vegas on how many people are going to be taken away during this viral stunt.

Oddsmakers have set the over/under on folks getting arrested at 8.5 with 5 to 1 odds of it actually happening. Similar odds are in place for the chance that someone illegally accesses Area 51, as well as the president tweeting about the event this weekend. The over/under on attendees at the replacement AlienStock, meanwhile, is at 10,500.

The four-day festival was created by the same minds behind the aforementioned mission and is supposed to serve as an alternative to their original plan, which they claim was always meant as a joke. They’d intended for AlienStock to take place in a location close to the top-secret government facility, but a visit from the FBI inspired them to move it to Vegas instead. While they’d much rather everyone attend their free celebration rather than risk getting in serious trouble at Area 51, the 1.5 million people who’ve signed up to attend the raid might not be so willing to change their minds.

Despite a stern warning from the Air Force, there’ll probably still be some ambitious alien-seekers intent on rescuing the extraterrestrials that they believe are being held hostage. The entire debacle will be live-streamed for those too smart to attend as well, so anyone who bets money on what’s going to happen can watch it unfold from the safety of their home.

The Area 51 raid is scheduled to happen on September 20th, and while we’d hope that everyone’s too smart to risk their lives and freedom for something so ridiculous, we wouldn’t bet on it.