Betty White’s assistant takes on social media profiles to honor her legacy

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While never overly active on social media, Betty White made us all happy when she’d share a Tweet or post on Instagram or Facebook. Be it a glimpse into her life, a cause near to her heart, or a message around a national holiday — her passions and priorities are so evident by looking at her social pages.

As news of White’s passing hit social media, fans were heartbroken. In the weeks since she left us, those who loved White have been sharing their favorite memories of her. White left us all with so much to fondly look back on, from characters on television shows and in films to game show appearances, award show honors, and a slew of incredible interviews.

Those who worked with White have also spoken about her incredible life and how wonderful it was to share space with her. From her love of life to her hard-working spirit, being close to White was an honor, and it’s not one that’s taken lightly. White’s executive assistant, Kiersten Mikelas, has shared ways to honor White in the days after her passing — and she shared the exciting news with fans just days ago.

Mikelas posted to social media that White’s estate offered her an opportunity that she just couldn’t turn down. White’s social media will continue to be a place for people who loved her to see peeks of her life and the greatest passions of her heart.

Mikelas asked for patience as she learns to navigate social media as this wasn’t in her wheelhouse until now. She began by showing fans some of the ducks that began visiting White during the “COVID craziness” and shared that they provided daily entertainment.

She also shared a daily smile featuring White and her long-time friend Georgia Engel who brought her wild dog for a visit. White, undeniably, was smitten with her new friend.

The continued look into White’s life is a treat for fans, and we could all learn a thing or two by channeling her more in our day-to-day lives. Mikelas shared that a way to honor her legacy and keep White in our hearts is actually quite simple.

Be kind. Be kind to another person, to another animal, to the planet. THAT is the BEST way to honor Betty White. Certainly, the legacy of a life well-lived is worth more attention than the moments before that life ended.”

White’s legacy is undoubtedly one of kindness, compassion, and joy — couldn’t we all use a little more of that?

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