‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ producer provides update on Netflix’s sequel stuck in development jail

After nearly thirty years, is the fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise finally headed to a screen near you? If legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer has any say in the matter, the answer is a hard yes. The Pirates of the Caribbean minced no words when questioned about the long-awaited sequel to 1994’s Beverly Hills Cop III when questioned about the project during the recent Top Gun: Maverick press tour.

“We’re making another Beverly Hills cop. We start that in like a week or 10 days, and that’s gonna be for Netflix,” Bruckheimer told ComicBook.com.

After years of rewrites, delays, and Development Hell, Netflix confirmed that the next film was in the works in November of 2019, and the film is currently in pre-production at last. And the film’s most important ingredient, Eddie Murphy, who has portrayed Detective Axel Foley in all three previous films, is firmly on board.

Speaking to Collider following the release of his last sequel project, Coming 2 America, Murphy stated that his next project would be Beverly Hills Cop IV. “Yeah, that’s what we’re doing after Coming 2 America, we’re doing Beverly Hills Cop and then the plan is to get back on stage and do stand up and then kind of that’s what I’ll be doing mostly is stand up and Beverly Hills Cop,” Murphy said.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were initially brought on to direct the project before leaving to work on the ill-fated Batgirl movie. They’ve been replaced by Australian director Mark Molloy, who is best known for his work in commercials. The movie will be produced by Bruckheimer’s Jerry Bruckheimer Films studio and will be distributed exclusively by Netflix.