Big Hero 6 Adds Maya Rudolph And Jamie Chung To Its Cast


Disney’s upcoming adaptation of Marvel’s Big Hero 6 has just added two more members to its cast in the form of Maya Rudolph and Jamie Chung. The actresses will join the previously confirmed T.J. Miller in the action-adventure film which follows Hiro Hamada, “a brilliant young prodigy who uncovers a plot to destroy the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. He and his best pal, a robot named Baymax, form a team of crime fighters to help save the day.”

While the roles of Hamada and Baymax have yet to be filled, we know that Miller will play Fred, “a quirky comic book fanboy who is able to turn himself into a giant lizard creature called Fredzilla.” As for Chung, she’ll voice Go Go Tomago, “a  hotheaded bike messenger who can turn herself into a ball of energy.” No word yet on who Rudolph is set to play but from what we’re hearing, it will likely be one of the leads.

Though not as high-profile as some of Marvel’s other projects, Big Hero 6 still sounds like it could be a ton of fun. After all, it’s targeting a younger demographic and from what we know so far, I think it will be a pretty big hit with that crowd. The film is obviously going for a Wreck-It Ralph/The Incredibles vibe and if it’s even half as good as those animated outings, then we’re in for quite a treat.

Big Hero 6 will be directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams and is set to open on November 7th.