“Big” Jurassic World 2 News Inbound As Frank Marshall Posts A Photo Straight From Isla Nublar


Soon after Jurassic World 2 passed the half-way point in production, Juan Antonio Bayona’s blockbuster sequel uprooted for Hawaii, where filming is expected to continue through until July 15th.

If nothing else, it’s further proof that Universal’s 2018 tentpole is fast beginning to coalesce, and that’s despite the fact that the studio has so far remained tight-lipped on story specifics and the like – no official title, no teaser trailer, nada. All of that could be about to change very soon, though, as series veteran Frank Marshall has hinted at some “big news” looming on the horizon.

First spotted by Screen Rant, the Tweet was accompanied by another set photo in which Marshall poses just outside the Hawaiian set. It’s a primordial location that’s doubling as Isla Nublar, the famous and indeed fictional isle that has hosted nine kinds of dino-related calamities since Steven Spielberg first unleashed Jurassic Park upon moviegoers back in ’93. The franchise has come an awful long way since, and in the hands of Juan Antonio Bayona, a director known for edge-of-your-seat thrillers in the vein of The Orphanage, fans can seemingly look forward to a “Spanish horror-thriller” come 2018.

Here’s that status report, courtesy of veteran producer Frank Marshall:

Now for the real point of contention: the “big news.” Common logic dictates that Universal will reserve its first Jurassic World 2 teaser trailer for San Diego Comic-Con next month. Assuming that really is the case, it’s more likely that Marshall is referring to the sequel’s title, which may well be accompanied by the official logo. The fact that the studio has been coy about JW2‘s title tells us that it’s inherently plot-related, but chalk that up as simple conjecture for the time being.

Jurassic World 2 will be with us on June 22nd, 2018. It’ll seemingly be much scarier than the first and feature an action sequence that is “just insane.” Did we mention that we’re excited?

Source: Twitter

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