Bill Clinton Will Cameo In The Hangover 2

Seems like everyone wants to be in The Hangover 2, I can’t really blame them actually, considering the success of the first one. First Todd Philips recruited back the original cast (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha and even Mike Tyson), then he brought in Liam Neeson and Paul Giamatti, and now former President Bill Clinton is taking a small role in the film.

Being a cameo, the role will be very small but make no mistake, Clinton will be in the film, he already shot his part on location in Bangkok this weekend. No details are known in regards to what the role will be or what part he will play but still, it’s Bill Clinton, in The Hangover 2, how can you go wrong?

Whatever part he has, I’m sure it will be very jokes. I’m sure this isn’t the end of the surprise casting choices either. I’m betting we find out about one or two more surprise appearances in the film before it’s released.