Bill Moseley Reveals How The Fireflys Survived The Devil’s Rejects


The last time we saw the Firefly family they were speeding towards a police barricade with their guns blazing, with the cops shooting right back at them. It seemed that there was no possible way that the trio could make it out alive. Yet, they’re all still breathing in 3 From Hell, which picks up right where The Devil’s Rejects left off.

In our exclusive interview with Otis B. Driftwood actor Bill Moseley, he revealed how on earth the criminals survived such a dangerous predicament, saying:

“They might’ve expected that we were dead, but we’re not. The good news is that it’s not because someone woke up from a dream. The good news is it isn’t because we died and went to hell and the devil rejected us. The bottom line is just that the Sheriff’s Department couldn’t shoot straight.”

There you have it, folks. It looks like the law enforcement in this trilogy is about as reliable when it comes to aiming as Stormtroopers are. Then again, Rob Zombie never planned on making a third installment of the series, so he had to come up with some reason as to how the gang of murderers were able to withstand the hail of bullets headed their way at the end of the last flick.

The gang does, however, end up facing some sort of justice. They’re soon captured and thrown into jail, though it’s highly doubtful that that’s where they’ll stay for the duration of the movie. In all likelihood, the psychos will find some way to escape imprisonment before long and then continue to wreak havoc on unsuspecting citizens. At some point, the crooks will end up being joined by Richard Brake’s new character Foxy as well, who could end up being just as crazy as they are.

Be sure to read the rest of our chat with Moseley via the link below and if you haven’t done so already, grab tickets over at Fathom Events to see the follow-up to The Devil’s Rejects when it’s released on September 16th for three nights only.