Bill And Ted Face The Music Casts Bill And Ted’s Daughters


If you were to travel back in time around 15 years, and tell the younger version of myself that a new Bill and Ted movie would be coming out, I’d have looked back at you with a rather puzzled expression on my face. But somehow, against all odds, the unimaginable is happening. You read that right – Bill and Ted Face The Music, the third entry in a series which debuted 30 years ago, is coming to theaters next year and filming is set to begin sometime this month.

After almost three decades, both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter will reprise their roles as the titular slackers, who are, yet again, tasked with saving the universe. Seeing as how George Carlin passed away more than a decade ago, the veteran comedian won’t be returning as Rufus, but it seems William Sadler will once again be playing the role of the Grim Reaper, the antagonist-turned-ally who helped the Wyld Stallyns defeat evil robots from the future in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Plot details are still scarce – it seems the now middle-aged slackers will have to team up once again to create a song that saves all of mankind – but some new casting information has come down the pipeline. As reported by, Bridget Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving will be joining Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in front of the camera as the titular duo’s daughters.

Fans of Netflix originals will know Bridget from her role on Atypical, while Samara played the lead role in 2017’s The Babysitter. If the latter’s name sounds familiar, that’s because she’s the niece of Hugo Weaving, best known for his roles in V for Vendetta, Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and, of course, The Matrix, which also starred Reeves.

But circling back to Bill and Ted Face the Music, as we said above, not much is known about the pic just yet, but with casting now heating up, it shouldn’t be long before we learn more. As always, watch this space.