Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Return In New Bill & Ted Face The Music Photo


This summer sees the release of the first Bill & Ted movie in over 20 years. Bill & Ted Face the Music will be the third time Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have stepped into the shoes of their iconic (not too grandiose a term) characters and suffice it to say, fans are hyped.

Naturally, the marketeers behind the movie are keen to drum up as much excitement as possible, and that aim should be fulfilled with their latest promotional image. Released via Empire, we’ve now got a new look at Keanu and Alex back in action and they both appear to be appropriately suave for their grand reunion. Who knows what mischief and general japery awaits them? Unfortunately, I don’t. Sorry.

Promotional image check, title check, what’s left on the list? Ah, release date. The specifically vague or vaguely specific “this summer” isn’t going to cut it. Let me adopt my trailer voice first. I get that you can’t actually hear me, but just imagine that the trailer guy is reading this out. Here goes…

In a world populated by Bills and Teds, one Bill and one Ted must reunite to fight evil and be kinda bad-ass. See the return this August 22nd, only in cinemas.

Think I did pretty well. There’s really no need to applaud.

Segueing onto the more famous of the two buddies (sorry Alex), I’ve noticed what a busy, and successful couple of years Keanu Reeves is having. Coming off the back of John Wick: Chapter 3 (which was a huge hit), he now has Bill & Ted Face the Music in the can (bound to be a huge hit), The Matrix 4 filming for release next May (also bound to be a huge hit), and a fourth John Wick film down for the same year as well. Keep fit Keanu.

Source: Empire