Alex Winter Shares First Bill And Ted Face The Music BTS Image As Production Starts

Bill and Ted 3

Bill and Ted 3

For years, Bill and Ted fans have been waiting patiently for Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves to pair up once again as our time traveling heroes. Now, finally, after numerous false starts and unsubstantiated rumors, Winters has shared our first behind the scenes look at Bill and Ted Face The Music, and it’s comfortingly familiar.

The image, which is a single panel from a scene’s storyboard, depicts stick figure versions of William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. and Theodore “Ted” Logan, yet you can still make out their classic look from the first film. It’s captioned:

“Happy Bill & Ted day! Kickoff on @BillandTed3 is moments away…”

While there’s a chance that our dimwitted protagonists would still dress as if they’ve never moved on from high school, it’s much more likely that this panel details one of the characters’ many stops through time.

Writer Ed Solomon had confirmed in the past that his script for the third movie features a middle-aged Bill and Ted revisiting events from the 1989 original. These scenes would incorporate unused footage of George Carlin’s beloved character Rufus, so the late comedian could still appear in the franchise even after his death.

Production for the film was slated to begin last March but was pushed back to this month. Winter’s caption pretty much confirms that if shooting hasn’t already started on Face the Music, it’ll commence at any moment.

Of course, the third Bill & Ted movie will see the return of the Wyld Stallyns, who’ve long ignored their music due to the responsibilities of aging and maintaining a family. Because of their mismanaged time, the boys never wrote the one song that established a perfect society, thus rupturing the very fabric of space and time. Now, it’s up to the duo, their daughters, and a new crop of historical figures, to travel through time and right their wrongs.

It brings me great joy to finally say that Bill & Ted Face the Music is now in production and slated to hit theaters August 21st, 2020.

Source: Twitter