Billy Batson Confronts His Nemesis In New Shazam! TV Spot


Right now, the next big superhero movie on the horizon is Carol Danvers’ solo debut, but after that, the lane will be clear for the other Captain Marvel to make his entrance with DC’s Shazam!, and in a new TV spot, we get another look at Billy Batson’s first major foe.

Though fans are already looking forward to the day when Shazam crosses paths with Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, for now the hero is facing off against the nefarious Dr. Sivana, played by Mark Strong. In the latest preview, viewable above, we get a quick little exchange between the pair, as Sivana asks his nemesis how old he is, to which Shazam offers the honest answer, “Basically fifteen.” It’s a cute moment that’s really sold in the way Zachary Levi’s voice cracks like a nervous teenager as he delivers the line. Elsewhere, we also get a little more footage of Billy’s foster family, at least two of whom seem to be aware of his big secret.

Shazam! comes to us in the midst of one of the biggest years ever for superhero cinema, and with so many comic book adaptations vying for our attention, it was inevitable that a little rivalry would unfold. Just a couple of days ago, for instance, Levi shared a video condemning online commenters who were trolling Captain Marvel pages while telling people to go watch his movie instead.

Regardless, David F. Sandberg’s feature has so far done a respectable job of getting fans and the filmgoing public on its side, and after the box office success of Aquaman, the DCEU just might be in its strongest position to date, commercially speaking. We’ll see if Shazam! can keep this momentum going when it hits theaters on April 5th, 2019.