Billy Bob Thornton Joins The Entourage Movie

Billy Bob Thornton

THR is reporting that Billy Bob Thornton is in talks to join the cast of the Entourage film, which is currently shooting in Los Angeles. Written and directed by series creator Doug Ellin, the movie will pick up where the show left off as we’ll catch up with Vince, Turtle, E, Drama and of course, Ari. This time around, the gang is working on getting Vince’s new movie made, which just so happens to be a big-budget adaptation of Dracula.

Thornton is set to play a “billionaire cowboy turned film financier who puts up money for the Dracula movie and sends his 20-something son to L.A. to keep an eye on his investment.” No word yet on who will play his son but seeing as production on Entourage is already underway, I would expect the remaining roles to be filled out very shortly.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I consider myself to be a huge fan of this particular series. I’ve seen every episode, of every season, multiple times and to this day it’s still one of my favorite shows. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this movie to come to fruition, as has everyone else, and seeing a talented actor like Billy Bob Thornton signing on is certainly an encouraging sign. I think that this is one film that will live up to, if not exceed, fan expectations.

Tell us, are you looking forward to the Entourage movie? Or do you think that the show’s time has passed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: THR