Bin Laden Returns In Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead

Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Revived?


Following the announced death of the abhorred, infamous founder and leader of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, many questioned whether Osama Bin Laden was actually killed by the United States Special Forces or if it was just a ploy.

The body was reportedly dumped overboard and “buried” at sea, for various religious and political reasons. Some argue that is the proper course of action for an Islamic burial.  Others contend that we did not want a burial site to serve as a shrine for the criminal’s assorted followers.  However, director John Lyde has a different theory – he thinks we buried Bin Laden because he had turned into a zombie.

At least that’s what we see in the teaser trailer for Lyde’s Osombie: The Axis of Evil Dead, a horror-comedy-thriller that imagines Bin Laden emerging from the sea to create a zombie apocalypse in Afghanistan.  Admittedly, its status in the comedy genre is undeclared, but the trailer is absolutely hysterical – highlighting United States armed forces battling zombie Taliban soldiers with the tagline promise that, “Bin Laden will die … again!”

Despite the film’s ludicrous premise, the production values are surprisingly high. This wasn’t shot in someone’s backyard on a shoestring budget. Osombie, which was filmed in Utah, looks better than a large number of horror films previously released.  At the moment, the film is reportedly on track for a summer release, though no specifics on the distributor or the opening have been released yet.  What is known is that Lyde directs Osombie, which stars Corey Sevier, Eve Mauro and Jasen Wade, and that, based on the trailer, this movie could turn out surprisingly well.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.