‘BioShock’ movie roars back into life at Netflix

Bioshock The Collection
Image via 2K Games

Uncharted has become the most recent example showcasing the continued inconsistency of the video game adaptation, but Netflix evidently do not care in the slightest.

The streaming service has plunged a slew of console properties into active development, and the latest is a big one. As per Deadline, the platform has revived BioShock, which steadfastly refused to emerge from development hell for close to a decade.

There aren’t many other details available, but given Netflix’s decent track record of mining video games for content that have fared very well in terms of acclaim, adulation, and viewership, there arguably isn’t a better place for the project to be set up.

Take-Two Interactive, subsidiary 2K and Vertigo Entertainment are all involved, but as of yet there’s no word on any filmmaking talent, although you can bet there’s going to be many interested parties.

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski famously spent years trying to get BioShock off the ground before walking away, due partly to his desire to mount a mega budget R-rated take on the first game’s story.

Of course, Netflix don’t have any issues funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into in-house originals or having them skew towards an older audience, so this is no doubt going to be music to the ears of BioShock fans everywhere.

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