Bird Box Director Addresses The Sequel Rumors


The numbers for Netflix’s recent hit Bird Box have been quite impressive. In its first week alone, the movie was viewed by a whopping 45 million people, while further data revealed that over half of those subscribers were from the US. Not only that, but the only title that had better opening week numbers was Stranger Things season 2, which beat it out by less than 1 million viewers.

Clearly, then, Susanne Bier’s post-apocalyptic thriller has taken the world by storm ever since hitting the streaming service last month, thanks to its gripping story of survival which has inspired all sorts of discussion amongst Netflix subscribers. And while the film ended on a fairly conclusive note, there are certainly more than a couple of ways that the story could continue.

As such, all talk has now turned towards whether there’ll be a sequel, and while we’ve heard whispers that the company is mulling over the possibility, if you ask Bier, it’s far too soon to be thinking about such a thing. In fact, according to her, she wants to keep the focus solely on Bird Box for now.

“We only just finished [the first one]!” said the director. “It’s funny, I’m kind of reading people asking for a sequel and I’m like, ‘Hey, hey, hey, we really just finished!’ So let’s just enjoy it for now.”

That’s certainly fair, but with the amount of buzz and positive reception that the pic’s been seeing lately, we’d be pretty surprised if Netflix doesn’t make an announcement regarding a sequel – or even a spinoff – later this year.

After all, while Malorie and her children seemed to have found their safe haven at the end of Bird Box, things don’t need to end there. For instance, it could turn out that the haven isn’t what it seems and actually houses a new threat, just waiting to emerge once Malorie settles in. Then again, it might just be best to leave things as they are, and not produce a follow-up solely for the sake of capitalizing on the popularity of the first movie.

In any case, you can bet that Netflix will break the silence on Bird Box‘s future soon, and once they do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: People