Birds Of Prey Said To Be As Bloody And Violent As A Tarantino Movie

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

It’s already well known that Warner Bros.’ upcoming Birds of Prey will be dark and gritty. Given Harley Quinn’s storyline, it would be disappointing if the flick was anything but. Still, some might be surprised to know just how gory and intense it’s going to be.

According to multiple sources close to We Got This Covered, the movie is reportedly going to be as bloody and violent as a Quentin Tarantino film. The easily nauseated may want to keep that in mind before purchasing tickets. Anyone who’s a fan of the acclaimed director can testify that his work definitely doesn’t shy away from brutality and it sounds like the upcoming flick featuring Quinn and her girl gang might make Joker seem like an after school special.

Oscar-nominated actress Margot Robbie said earlier this summer that she believed the movie would be rated R and now it’s obvious as to why. If the action onscreen even semi-resembles anything like the world of Tarantino, then this feature will definitely earn its restrictive rating.

In any case, the DCEU seems intent to make its canon much darker than that of its competition. While the Marvel franchise certainly has some gritty moments, it sounds like they’ll all pale in comparison to both Birds of Prey and Joker. Even Ben Affleck’s portrayal of a more lethal version of the Dark Knight was much grimmer than any previous cinematic interpretation.

It remains to be seen if Matt Reeves’ The Batman will follow the same path or mold itself in a form that’s more expected from superhero movies. Films containing Gotham City’s Caped Crusader have often been darker than most, but seldom to the level that people are claiming Birds of Prey and Joker are at.

Hopefully, all of this gratuitous blood and violence will work as well as it does in most of Tarantino’s films, and we’ll find out for sure if that’s the case when Birds of Prey soars into theaters on February 7th, 2020.