First Birds Of Prey Reactions Call The Film An Absolute Blast


Next month will see the release of the latest comic book movie from DC and Warner Bros., with Birds of Prey looking to follow in Joker’s R-rated footsteps and hit it big at the box office. While we don’t expect Cathy Yan’s female-driven blockbuster to come anywhere close to replicating the billion-dollar haul and subsequent awards push that the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film has seen, the critical and commercial renaissance of the DCEU certainly bodes well for it.

That being said, Birds of Prey hasn’t been without issues, given that we know John Wick’s Chad Stahelski had to be drafted in to oversee some extensive reshoots and punch up the action a bit. But word on the street is that the additional shooting has only improved things. And if the first wave of reactions is to be believed, then WB has another big hit on their hands. Again, maybe not as big as Joker, but judging by what’s being said below, it seems as if people are really going to dig the pic.

While these reactions are certainly encouraging to see, it’s important to note that they should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only are some of these people the same ones who also praised Justice League and Suicide Squad back in the day after they saw those films early, but it’s also hard to publicly badmouth a movie after a studio has invited you to its premiere or included you in the first wave of critic screenings. So just keep that in mind when reading these.

All that being said, Birds of Prey does indeed look like a pretty good time and with the DC brand in very good health at the moment, at least as far as big screen efforts go, we have no reason to think that this next movie from the company won’t be a hit when it opens in theaters next month.