First Black Adam Set Photos Tease Hawkman’s Origins

Black Adam

After years of Dwayne Johnson being attached to the part, plus months of COVID-19-related delays, work is finally about to begin on Black AdamWith production due to kick off next month, sets are now being constructed in Georgia and our first glimpse at these sets may have instantly revealed a major detail about the movie’s plot. Specifically, they might just unveil how Hawkman’s origins will be explained.

As pointed out by Murphy’s Multiverse, the constructions depicted in the photos seen below look a lot like a Thanagarian Star Cruiser from the comics. There are various tellings of Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s beginnings, but from the presence of the ship we can guess which particular version of the story will be implemented in the DCEU. What’s more, it’ll directly tie Carter Hall’s character arc to that of Black Adam and Justice Society of America teammate Doctor Fate.

In this origins story, the Thanagarian Star Cruiser crash-lands in Ancient Egypt, as prophecized by the wizard Nabu, whose consciousness eventually rests in Fate’s helmet. Prince Khufu/Hawkman, Teth-Adam and Nabu study the ship and its alien Nth Metal, using it to create various weapons, including a knife that’s later employed by their enemy Hath-Set to murder Khufu and his beloved Shayera/Hawkgirl, which activates their never-ending cycle of immortality.

Aldis Hodge will be portraying Hawkman in Black Adam opposite Johnson, with Doctor Fate confirmed to be part of the JSA in the movie, too. Hawkgirl is also likely to appear. With all of these characters having their origins tied together, it’s becoming clearer why it made the most sense to feature the JSA in this film rather than pit Adam against Zachary Levi’s Shazam right away. Don’t worry, though, that will happen in either Shazam! 3 or Black Adam 2.

Black Adam doesn’t currently have a release date, but with shooting just about to start, maybe Warner Bros. will announce one soon. With any luck, it’ll come our way sometime in 2022.