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‘Black Adam’ stars share personal feelings about the importance of their roles

Various stars of 'Black Adam' expressed excitement to represent their race and culture.

Black Adam
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Black Adam has been making waves for several months due to its constant messaging and hype to see Dwayne Johnson make his DC debut. But that’s not all this upcoming superhero film has to offer, as multiple actors from the film have come out and expressed how Black Adam played a role in representation on the big screen.

During the Black Adam red carpet event in New York City, various stars shared their excitement to play a role that better represents their race and culture. Johnson told interviewers that he grew up watching Superman. But the moment he saw Black Adam, he was excited because not only he was “badass” but he also had brown skin like him.

“I’ve been really lucky over the years to accomplish a few things in my life. It’s been pretty cool. But I have been saying that Black Adam is the biggest and most important movie of my career. And the fact that when I was a kid, I love Superman, and Superman was my favorite. I still love Superman. But when I first saw […] my first Black Adam comic when I was a little boy he was intense. He looked badass, he had brown skin. And I thought, that’s who I want to be.”

Bodhi Sabongui told interviewers during the event that he’s glad that he’s able to represent Middle Eastern and North African people in a positive light. He also said that opportunities like this are a big deal, especially for people of color.

“I’m Egyptian and I care a lot about about representing Middle Eastern and North African people […] And I just I just feel like I think it’s a big deal to be able to represent Middle Eastern and North African people on the big screen in a positive light. So I’m, I’m truly like, like humbled and I’m very, I’m very happy to be able to be here.”

Meanwhile, Aldis Hodge, who plays Carter Hall/Hawkman, and Sarah Shahi, who plays Adrianna, expressed the importance of their roles in the film. Both said that they’re happy to become role models to children who are just like them. They also believed this film would convince others that seeing people of color on screen is normal.

“Every time somebody gave me a ‘no,’ it was a yes because it was a yes towards this particular role in this space at this time for what it represents…for what it represents for kids of color who can now see themselves under normal space and know this is regular. You don’t have to imagine, it’s actually here.”

Shahi also mentions that she’s glad to play a powerful freedom fighter in Black Adam, especially now due to recent political events that are happening in Iran.

“It’s bigger than a dream come true. You know, it’s like stepping into your dreams. But also I myself I’m Persian. And what’s happening in Iran right now. I really consider it an honor and a privilege to represent them as Adrianna You know, she’s a freedom fighter. She is fighting against the resistance. She’s leading the charge. And yeah, she is. She is fearless in her pursuit of freedom.”

“ […] So for me, it is, you know, it’s so much more than a DC movie. It is about inclusion. It is about sending a message to you know, the little brown girls or boys that would be able to see us on screen and say okay, maybe I can do that.”

Black Adam is DC’s upcoming superhero film and will be released in theaters on Oct. 21, 2022

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