Black Mass Director Scott Cooper Signs On For White Knight


While Black Mass was talked about for Johnny Depp’s lead performance more than anything else, it was still a solid film and yet another impressive outing from director Scott Cooper. So, it’s no surprise that the filmmaker is continuing to sign on for intriguing new projects, the latest of which is Warner Bros.’ White Knight.

Said to be an actioner in the vein of James Bond/Bourne, the project is hopefully the start of a franchise for the studio. The script from Bill Dubuque will be re-written by Cooper and will apparently focus on a disgraced Secret Service agent who finds himself at “the center of a global CIA manhunt” after agreeing to protect an arms dealer’s family.

Sounds a bit generic, but in Cooper’s capable hands, it could turn out to be entertaining enough. You can bet that a long list of A-list talent is already lining up for it, too, so there’s certainly reason to be excited. Then again, with both the Bond and Bourne franchises still going strong, is there really room for another spy series?

Time will tell. For now, though, color us intrigued.